install xp on second drive

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[Solved] Install xp to second hard drive on native win7 64 bit ...
Jan 13, 2010 . The main thrust to all this is:why can't win 7 tell me or let me install an os to a separate hard drive that's ready to go for an install. I have a hard .

Discussion on Installing Vista, XP and Linux to a new laptop ...
With Ranish, makes the second primary partition bootable instead of the first. Step 15 ? Install XP Pro on the C: drive which is now the second primary partition.

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Screen Rant reviews install xp on second drive

How to Install a Second XP Operating System on a PC | Tech Tips ...
Installing a second version of XP on your computer's hard drive will allow you to switch between operating systems with nothing more than a simple restart.

How To Set Up A Second Hard Drive In Windows: Partitioning
Jan 23, 2011. I showed you how to physically install a second hard drive into your . i create a partition and install windows xp on it? the only reason i am .

How can I make Windows XP recognize secondary hard drive after ...
Sep 25, 2010 . I have a Windows XP machine that has a secondary drive on it, primarily used for data. The drive was divided into four partitions, long before .

How to install additional hard drives in XP
Apr 3, 2004 . Installing a second hard drive in Windows XP is not as easy as it should be. If you 're accustomed to plug-n-play devices, it just seems logical .

how can i install windows xp on a windows 7 l
Feb 9, 2011 . eg. if window 7 installed in c drive then install xp in d drive . drive only then reinstall window 7 make two drive and install xp in second drive .

Re-installing Windows XP onto a second hard drive | Tech Off ...
It also has a second hard drive, as the D: drive, which works fine. I am thinking of installing XP Pro onto the D: drive. What I'm wondering about .

BootCamp, XP and second internal HD - MacRumors Forums
May 22, 2007 . I understand that the documentation indicates there should be no issues with installing xp on a second drive, but it also states that "Windows XP .

How to install Windows XP on Second Hard Drive? - Yahoo! Answers
You must install XP first, then install W7. W7 will detect the drives and write a proper boot.ini.

Installing Windows XP From the i386 Folder or Flash Drive Tutorial
Installing Windows XP is something everyone will have to do from time to time. . Installing a second hard drive can be either internal or external to the computer .


How To Prepare A Second Hard Disk Drive For Use In Windows XP
How To Prepare A Second Hard Disk Drive For Use In Windows XP. . hard disk drives for more storage space requires the installation of a new hard disk drive.

Install a Second IDE Hard Drive - YouTube
Mar 3, 2008 . In this video I discuss and demonstrate how to install a second IDE hard drive as a slave device. . i installed a second hard drive. after i powered the computer? up. i . Install and Configure Multiple Monitors in Windows XP .

How may one install xp pro on asus g73s laptop using dell ...
Feb 21, 2012 . I added a second drive on which I wish to install windows xp pro. . When I attempt to install the xp pro on the second hard drive (in the first .

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Help installing Windows XP on new second hard drive - TechSpot ...
I need help on installing windows xp on a new SATA hard drive I bought. I want to use that as my main hard drive, and I'm not sure how to do so .

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    THPC: Dual-Boot (install) Windows XP and Windows 7 on your ...
    In this procedure you need to shrink the Windows 7 drive to make room for Windows XP unless you install XP on a second hard disk. Using a second disk .


  2. How to install XP setup from 2nd hard disk - CNET Desktops Forums
    Jun 9, 2011 . How can I install Windows XP from slave hard disk (disk-2) My Primary hard disk is WD . Re: installing XP from second hard disk. by Kees_B .

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  3. How do you install XP on a different hard drive in your computer and ...
    How can you install XP on two hard drives on one computer? I have accomplished this on my computer because I bought a second hard drive for the purpose of .

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Can I install Vista and XP ON THE SAME pc? I HAVE 2*300gb ON ...
Similar Questions: install Vista XP pc 2*300gb SEPARATE DRIVES replace totally. Recent Questions . Just install XP on the second drive. But when Windows 7 .*300gb-SEPARATE-DRIVES-replace-totally/

How do I use Regedit to edit a second XP install - Windows XP Support
Jan 20, 2008 . How do I use Regedit to edit a second XP install, Windows XP Support . In order to edit a registry file stored on disk, you need to use the "Load .

Help installing Windows XP on a second hard drive - TechSpot ...
i have a laptop with two hard drives (hp pavilion 9000dv series .