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Space station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A space station (or orbital station) is a spacecraft capable of supporting a crew which is . It would not begin construction or be finished until after the decommissioning of the International Space Station. . Spaceflight lists and timelines .

Space Shuttle retirement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The retirement of NASA's Space Shuttle fleet took place from March to July 2011. . July 21, 2011, bringing about the end of the 30-year Space Shuttle program. . Discovery Channel Space Shuttle Timeline (2009) – Factoid on Slide No.13 of .

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Screen Rant reviews the space shuttle timeline start finish

Space shuttle Atlantis lands, ending an era - Technology & science ...
Jul 21, 2011 . Video: End of an era: Final space shuttle lands . of the companies receiving NASA funding, California-based SpaceX, could start taking supplies to the space station by the end of this year. . Timeline Space shuttle timeline .

NASA gives go-ahead for added shuttle flight - Technology ...
Jan 20, 2011 . Jump to timeline Space shuttle timeline. timeline. x. Image: Russian proton rocket . Workers finish the installation of the space shuttle Atlantis' three main . Thursday's move allows different parts of the shuttle program to start .

Spaceflight Now | STS-107 Mission Report | STS-107 Entry Timeline
Apr 7, 2003 . 15) and in the integrated timeline below. The start/finish times refer to actual footage, not when the shuttle rose above or passed below the .

STS-133 Launch Timeline
Feb 24, 2011 . The milestones of STS-133 Space Shuttle Discovery launch (reverse order): 03: 50 GMT (Feb. . 22:40 GMT – Post insertion timeline begins .

Chronology of the ISS development - Russian Space Web
Development chronology of the International Space Station by Anatoly Zak. . The construction of the Zarya module started at Khrunichev enterprise in December. . By the end of 1996, around 70 tons of the US hardware appeared in metal .

BBC News - Space shuttle: The darker view of the end of an era
Jul 22, 2011 . Amid the tearful shuttle goodbyes, two American space programme experts call . Viewpoint: the 'Magnificent machine' · Space shuttle timeline .

Atlantis mission heralds end to manned space exploration - Telegraph
Jul 7, 2011 . When the final mission of the space shuttle Atlantis takes off, it will end . Discovery space shuttle: timeline. 25 Feb 2011. When Atlantis finally returns to Earth, finishing the 135th mission in a Shuttle programme that started 30 .

A children's history of space timeline, the key space exploration ...
spacekids, specialist in space and adventure based toys, dressing up and other . Once it had landed on the moon, the robotic spaceship Surveyor 1 started . The Space Shuttle, was designed to be reused for up to 100 visits to space, . space exploration that began construction in 1986 and will not be finished until 2010.

Fun With Science - Space Stations - Resources
Jan 21, 2005 . Explore the historic first long-term space station as Russians and Americans . The book follows the mission from start to finish. . of the Mir mission, station components, and timeline of events in Mir history for young adults.


Watching A Space Shuttle Countdown
Jan 19, 2012 . Space Shuttle Missions Background Information . But that's what the Countdown clock reads when they start going down the most . When the engineers of the Rocketdyne company, the engines contractor, were finished, their . The countdown is really a "checklist" that operates on a timeline that counts .

Hubble Space Telescope Historical Timeline - Explore the Cosmos ...
1974 -- Budget cuts end the Large Orbiting Telescope project. 1978 -- Design begins . 1986 -- The space shuttle Challenger explodes upon liftoff. The disaster .

Final Flight of NASA's Space Shuttle | Final Shuttle Missions ...
NASA's final space shuttle mission will launch on July 8 to end the space . We get to do one last lap of Atlantis around ISS and start our trip home." . as an hour ahead of the timeline at one point, said space station flight director Jerry Jason.

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DLR - Blogs - SpaceLiveBlog
Mar 29, 2012 . Timeline for ATV-3 docking. 28. . The Space Shuttle Atlantis announced its arrival at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in the early . but the news conference will of course only start after the hours-long meeting has finished.

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    and Daily Timeline and On-Orbit Activation
    Daily Timeline and On-Orbit Activation. Updated: February 2010 . STS-115 external tank after separation from the Space Shuttle. Atlantis on 9 . slowly sweep the end of the boom with the . On day 3 the Shuttle starts rendezvous and docking .


  2. 2010-2019 - Future Timeline
    Future predictions, future technology predictions, a future timeline of technology . of the International Space Station | Mars Science Lab explores the Red Planet . grips the world as the Mayan calendar reaches the end of its current cycle . starting with all works from 1923 | Jordan opens its first nuclear power plant | The .

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  3. Spaceflight Now
    Astronauts on the International Space Station this summer will use instant messaging, . the mission a total loss despite efforts by a start-up company to purchase the craft to serve the Antarctic research community. . LAUNCH EVENTS TIMELINE . Workers finished assembling the first Vega rocket in South America last .

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Clone Wars - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki
Start a wiki . Remove this message when finished. . The new official Clone Wars timeline has not yet been established by LucasFilm. . horribly maimed in a shuttle crash arranged, though not known to Sheelal, by Dooku himself. . In the space battle, the clone pilots, led by Adi Gallia, took out valuable Trade Federation .

Chrononauts: Mysteries of the Timeline
Why Does Legalizing Pot Save the Space Shuttle? 9. . After WW2, the USA had 40000 troops stationed in South Korea; but by the end of 1949, all but a . to Greenbelt Maryland to start the new Goddard Space Flight Center, and even though .

space station: Definition from
Soviet/Russian space station Mir, after completion in 1996. . By the end of its function in March 2001, the 143-ton (130-metric-ton) Mir had spent 15 years in orbit and had . have been contracted to launch on Atlas V and Falcon 9 launch vehicles, from Cape Canaveral, starting in 2014. . Spaceflight lists and timelines .